Investment Guidance 

Investment selection is important. It is crucial to your well-deserved future that your investments provide returns that support your plan. 

Our experience has guided us towards investment in strong firms who hire experienced fund managers with long tenure and proven track records to take care of your money. We encourage investing for the long term with a balanced portfolio of well allocated and diversified holdings.

Whether you desire to grow capital, preserve principal, or generate an income stream we are confident that we can put your money hard at work for you. And your time horizon may be longer than any previous generation, so your money needs to stay as busy as you are. 

Retirement Planning

One of the most interesting discussions we get into with clients is what's next after their current daily situation.


While some people eagerly anticipate ending their paid employment and relaxing, others have interest in maintaining some sort of engagement and staying involved while allowing time to indulge their other interests.


Whatever the "R" word means to you, we'll help orchestrate that future you deserve.

Estate Planning

Regardless of the size of your estate (which is everything you own when you die), you probably want it to be directed toward protecting those you love. Most people don't want to plan for their death, because they think of it as "depressing." But there is already a plan in place that will be followed if you don't make your own — and that may not be what you want.


Estate planning consists of several easy decisions, with a few difficult ones, and we can help with all of them. This will make sure your estate goes to the right people, at the right time, with the right management, to make your legacy a positive one. 

Employee Benefits

For those fortunate enough to have employer-sponsored retirement plans or benefit programs, we help coordinate and optimize enrollment and participation with your own planning strategies. Consolidating any plans from previous employment helps you understand how they can all work together more efficiently.

Risk Management

Risk management is the defensive part of planning process.We make sure your insurance portfolio provides the protection needed, when mishaps occur. With over 25 years of affiliation with Farmers Insurance and Pacific Life Insurance, we understand the importance of optimum levels of property-casualty, life, health and long-term-care coverage.

Tax Efficiency

There's no avoiding taxes, but we don’t need to let the "tax-tail wag the dog," either. Your current and future purchasing power is net of taxes, so the accumulation, growth, and distribution of your retirement income stream will be designed to be tax-efficient.


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